After workiing in chemical plants for over 36 years, its time to venture into something new. The plan for retirement from plant life, is to start and run our own business. Thus (named after our grandson) Noble FX Custom Coatings is born and operating part time until the retirement date.

WIth the intent of providing various coating services to the community, we have started small offering Duracoating and Hydrographics coatings. Plans for the (hopefully not too distant) future include peel-able/removal coatings, gunsmithing, and FFL services. 

Currently, we are factory certified in the application of Duracoat, certified to apply hydrographics by one of the industry leaders, and we have recieved our Master Decorator Certification by another industry leader. We also recently started Gunsmithing school. Future certifications to come as we grow the business and offer additional services.

Contact us to set up an appointment if you have an item in need of a fresh new look. Our coatings can be applied to nearly anything, including automotive parts, tumblers, hardhats, firearms (non serialized parts until our FFL arrives) and firearm accessories.

Noble himself isn't ready to run the paint gun yet at six years of age, but he has come in to help paw-paw and even made his first hydrographic dip (pic above)......All this will be his one day.


Hank Enete Jr.

Founder Noble FX LLC


Our Certifications and Training

Nobles First Dip

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