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We have partnered with the folks at Gunskins!!!

GunSkins - Protection in Camouflage

Numerous Patterns and Camo's available


GunSkins - Protection in Camouflage

GunSkins offers a solution for firearm and gear concealment that is easy to install and remove. GunSkins vinyl wraps are DIY kits that add a layer of protection to your gun as well as the benefits of camouflage. Officially licensed patterns ensure that your gun will match the rest of your gear and apparel. Hunters, special ops personnel, and gun enthusiasts alike will appreciate the variety of camouflage to choose from, knowing that at any moment they can remove the wrap and switch patterns on the fly as needed. GunSkins wraps are completely waterproof and come with a 5 year warranty.


    - Removable and has no effect on finish
    - Easy to install high-performance vinyl
    - Waterproof non-reflective matte finish
    - Conforms to any shape
    - 5-year warranty
    - Made in USA


Gear Skin

Gear Skins are high-performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to anything you want to protect and camouflage. They are waterproof and have a non-reflective matte finish. Gear Skins conform to any shape and are easy to install. They are removable and leave no residue behind. Gear Skins are available in a variety of tactical, hunting and traditional camouflage patterns. Our Gear Skins measure 8"x50". Ideal applications: Assault Weapons, Pistols, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Guns, Pellet Guns, Bows, Crossbows, Blowguns, Masks, Etc...